Swim for A Mile

You’ve heard of Couch to 5k? Well, welcome to Swim For A Mile, the swimming version. This is a Swim Ireland affiliated programme which aims to get people back into the pool and enjoying a leisurely swim. The programme follows a structured path which involves two coached swim lessons per week and another undertaken by the participant in their own time.

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The swimmer’s stroke, technique and fitness is worked on over the course of the programme and culminates in the Swim For A Mile event. In order to participate, you must be able to swim 2X20m comfortably. We’ll guide you to the mile! The total cost comes in at €150 which includes the €30 cost of the event and 3 months membership to the centre.

The main event takes place between Tue March 20th and Sun April 21st. In order to meet this deadline we will be starting our programme on the 28th of Jan. So if pounding the roads doesn’t suit your body take the pressure of the joints with this goal-oriented fitness programme.